About us

building better

For over 35 years, Construct by Design (CBD) has been delivering quality workmanship, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction on residential and commercial building projects. 

We are based in Brookvale and cover the wider Sydney region. CBD is managed by an experienced and highly regarded team of builders. 

The bulk of our construction work is in the following areas:

  • Residential  |  New construction to renovations and rebuilds
  • Commercial  |  Industrial spaces to places of business
  • Townhouses & Units  |  Multi-units to blocks of flats
  • Granny Flats & Annexes | Self-contained living spaces

CBD utilises ‘quality in construction’ practices to ensure our work meets the highest standards and we monitor the results, through regular feedback from our clients and suppliers. It’s our way of making sure we deliver that little bit extra on every project.

No matter how simple or complex your building requirements, CBD provides the right combination of services to meet your construction needs.

Contact us today for no obligation quote on 02 9938 9199.

If there is one area we specialise in -
it’s quality.
— Stephen Thompson, Managing Director of CBD